EMM-Tech foot care - EMM-TECH foot care

EMM-Tech foot care

1Day - £85.00

Claremont house, Lydney
6 places available
Start date: 21 April 2020

Course Overview

Foot care moves for a reflexologist, chiropodist or specialist foot care.


Foot Care Moves
• Heel Pain – discomfort on heel strike when walking, discomfort deep under foot in centre of heel
• Ankle Pain – ankle pain and discomfort
• Ankle Restriction – ankle joint restriction or rigidity, poor dorsiflexion
• Ankle Release – for ankle discomfort, stiffness and tightness in the area, restricted pronation/supination & heel discomfort
• Foot Pain – discomfort or inflammation at base of big and/or little toes, compressed toes
• Hammer Toe – aching feet, lack of foot and toe flexibility

For this part of the course, we will be using treatment couches or LaFuma chairs, but equally, all these moves can be done in a seated position.

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